Gaudalest Spain

Living & thriving is always been a crucial part of the human life. In past, men were not so comfortable with travelling but nowadays the entire scenario has completely been changed. While sculpturing colorful tapestries in all aspects men have able to weave also technique to read the verse of life. Hectic schedule has snatched away the comfort of the pillow. Spending holidays in proper locations is always important to us. It not only provides us fun but also it enhances our life span in to some extent.
This Gaudalest is one of the premium places in Spain. If anyone wants to get the taste of a perfect village along with the rock mountain then that person must have to visit this place. The Eagles Nest is one of the best locations to see in Gaudalest. This place is only twenty five kilometers from Altea. This place is covered nearly 16sq km. This place is surrounded by a granite mountain. One can get a zenith view from it. River Gaudalest is passes by this village.

While climbing up by the road, one can get a heavenly view of the village. This twisting uphill roads are really nail biting for the passengers who love adventures.
Castles are the main historical attraction of this place. History is wrapped by emotion & melancholy story here. This place silently speaks for the history of the 18th century. The landscape view of this place adds a unique apex to its glory.

To reach to the castle, the visitor has to go through curved tunnel. After reaching one place to another through. Tunnel the visitor can feel the real flavor of history. It is for the information to the visitors that only through this tunnel way they can reach & get into this castle. There is no other option to be there. This tunnel tour is one of the major parts of the tourism of Spain. It is however, much beneficial for the visitors because spending only few euros one can enjoy such a historical journey. Moreover, that person can collect more information about those castles. This transportation is started from 10a.m.

The couple of famous castles are castle of L’Alcozaiba, Baroque Catholic Church, Gaol. These all castles were built within the 11th century to 18th century.
This Gaudiest is also famous for Museum. The panoramic view from the hill top & the presence of castles is perfectly blended with haute luxe to a vivid metaphoric allegory. If someone wants to jump out to the past then this place is the ideal for him.

The interesting fact about this village is, even nowadays the population of this village is only around 200. Most of them are directly attached with the tourism business. Somehow, those castles of this place reflect the Moorish occupation of this place. In present days, these Moorish are able to develop their economic condition.
As already has mentioned that this Gaudalest is one of the great historical places in the world, at the year of 1974 this small town of Spain was declared the one of the premium Historic & artistic place of the world.

The visitors can easily reach this small town. National highway N-332 is connected the place 3318. Beside this place at 3313 this small town Gaudalest is situated. If someone wants go with the bus then no problem. Transportation system is extremely developed in this place. Bus will leave him down of the hill. That person has to climb up the hill personally by walking.
While enjoying the pinnacle view of the nature one can soaked by the antique odor of the history & tragedy in this particular place.

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